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Jenny Lindblad
CEO & Founder
ELIZA Communication

“You only get one chance to make an impression – make sure it counts!”

ELIZA Communication was founded early in 2014 by Jenny Lindblad.

Jenny studied Industrial management and engineering at Linköping University of Technology. Directly after university she started working for Ericsson. During her final five years at the company, she held more than 5 000 presentations and pitches for CxO, royalties, ambassadors and investors representing more than 130 countries.

Early on in her career, she understood two things at Ericsson:
First – you only get one chance to make an impression – make sure it counts!
And second never ever forget that in the end it is a person you are talking to – a human being with feelings. Therefore Jenny quickly changed her technique into a more personal storytelling approach. She believed that if she could explain Ericsson’s complex solutions in a clear way, so that the audience could understand how the solutions worked, then that would increase the chance of a sale. This particular approach was highly appreciated among the company’s customers.

This was the starting point for Jenny and her passion in creating and promoting engaging communication.

In order to deepen her knowledge within the subject, she studied Strategic communication, Storytelling, Rhetoric and Strategic branding at different universities in Sweden.

Since starting the company in 2014, Jenny has coached hundreds of companies across the world from 14 different industries.

We primarily work with start-ups or medium/large corporations, since they are usually the ones with the greatest need to increase sales and communicate their message through a clear and understandable pitch.

We strongly believe that life is too short for boring presentations.

Our mission is to help start-ups and organisations to communicate their message clearly, in order to create and sustain success!

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