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Poor communication can be very costly for a start-up if no one understands what it is that you do. When stakes are high you really want your investors, customers or employees to commit their time and money in your start-up. At ELIZA Communication we help you build the trust in order to gain and sustain success.

Learn how to create the perfect pitch and help your audience make better decisions faster. With our model you will easily be able to organize your thoughts and innovative ideas into clear and sharp messages that speak right to the heart of your audience.

Learn how to create a perfect investor pitch that will make investors understand your product, business, strategy and vision so that they easily can make a decision to fund your start-up.

Learn how to create a perfect sales pitch. Make your customers understand and trust you and your brand. This will accelerate your sales and increase the number of leads generated by your company.

When you work 24/7 with your own business, it’s important that you don’t overlook the finer details, the often missed details that can generate business. We scan and analyze your business so that you get a fresh outside-in perspective.

Sign up to our Pitch Bootcamp: during three intense day you will learn how to structure, create and deliver that perfect pitch. You will also learn techniques and methods on how to prepare your pitch efficiently and effectively. After the boot camp, you will be a true pitch maker!

Learn how to create compelling, captivating and engaging stories to your audience. Stories that are both personal and interesting to hear.

Get a coaching subscription for your start-up. Buy a package of coaching hours during a set time period and then choose who within your organization will use them. Email your questions or presentations and you will receive a reply within 24-48 hours.

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