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Jenny’s story

Jenny has delivered more than 5000 presentations and pitches for CxO, royalties, ambassadors and investors representing more than 130 countries. She has taught sales excellence at different international events and coached more than 200 start-ups, focusing on their investor pitch, sales pitch, and business development.

Jenny studied Industrial management and engineering at Linköping University of Technology. She has continued to study Strategic communication, Storytelling, Rhetoric and Strategic branding at different universities in Sweden.

When Jenny worked at Ericsson in sales and early on in her career, she understood two things: First – you only get one chance to make an impression – make sure it counts! And second –  never ever forget that in the end, it is a person you are talking to – a human being with feelings. Therefore Jenny changed her sales strategy into a more personal storytelling approach. She believed that if she could explain Ericsson’s complex solutions in a clear way so that the audience could understand how the solutions worked, then that would increase the chance of a sale. This particular approach was highly appreciated among the company’s customers. This was the starting point for Jenny and her passion for creating and promoting engaging communication.

Hire Jenny as a speaker

Hire our founder Jenny Lindblad for an educational lecture or to energize your conference. Maybe you would like to boost your employees’ skills on how to create a perfect pitch?  The talk “How to create the perfect pitch” – is an entertaining and educational speech that will not only teach you about the power of great storytelling but also give you the structure and tools to create your own perfect pitch.

Bring your conference or staff party to the next level with an enthusiastic moderator to engage and inspire your audience. This is a perfect opportunity that will leave your customers, employees, and investors feeling engaged and inspired.


“You only have one chance to make a first impression – make sure it counts”