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Three-day bootcamps are for ambitious teams and startup entrepreneurs. During intense training and hustling, you will learn how to structure, create and deliver that perfect pitch or presentation.

Pitch Bootcamp

Speed up your pitch creation process with an intensive Pitch Bootcamp. Pitches often evolve gradually, becoming effective after many cycles. With an intense two-day pitch bootcamp you can bypass this slow steady effort and craft a pitch that doesn’t need to be reinvented. Work on your pitch for two full days under the supervision of a pitch expert. Go through many cycles of preparing and testing your ideas, ending up with a finished pitch by the end of the session.

Business Bootcamp

Perhaps you are just in the beginning of your startup career, or you are an entrepreneur with little more than a business idea. With a three-day Business Bootcamp, you can take your idea to the next level. Through hands-on activities you explore your idea, the market, consumers and other stakeholders, then refine your vision to produce a usable business plan and a roadmap that leads towards your first minimum viable product.