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Who We Serve

Innovative startups

Nervous talking in front of others? Poor communication can be very costly if no one understands what it is you do. Learn how to clarify your idea and convince others to invest in your start-up without trembling.

As a startup entrepreneur, you want others to believe in your idea in an instant. You need to convince investors, customers or potential employees to commit their time and money in your idea, often without much track record of proof of concept. Your idea may be complex but you can learn to frame it so that your audience understands your mission in no time. We help you build the trust you need in order to gain and sustain success. Learn how to create the perfect pitch and help your audience make better decisions faster. With our model you will easily be able to organize your thoughts and innovative ideas into clear and sharp messages that speak right to the heart of your audience.

Smart Business Leaders

Powerful Communication is the key to success and profitable growth. With us, you’ll learn how to create, structure and deliver presentations that make it happen.

We work with innovative leaders who understand that powerful communication is the key to success. You probably already know that your ability to lead effectively depends on how well you can communicate. We have designed our corporate coaching to enhance your communication skills as a leader – how to organize, and present information clearly, credibly and persuasively to your internal as well as external audiences. Skills that are crucial to win the trust and commitment of employees, investors and customers.

Our corporate coaching is for business leaders executives who want to improve their communication skills and prepare top-notch presentations for specific high-stake events in minimal time.

Partners, clients and incubators

We have the privilege to be working with some of the greatest organizations and incubators in the Nordics, like Sting, Start-Up Weekend, FemTech, EIT Digital, FinPro, TEKES, KOTRA, Founders Institute, TEDx Stockholm