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The short and effective two-hour workshop format is ideal to improve your presentation skills, understand the power of storytelling, polish your investor- and sales pitches, better your skills at video interviews, and investor pitching.

Nail your next pitch

Help your audience make better decisions faster and sharpen your message to accelerate your sales.

You see, it’s all about them. Learn how to create a perfect pitch by digging into the needs of your audience first. Make your customers understand and trust you and your brand. This will accelerate your sales and increase the number of leads generated by your company. Same thing if you want to get funded. First, you need to build trust. Learn how to create a perfect investor pitch that will make investors understand your product, business and vision.​

Storytelling workshop

Compelling stories speak to the heart of your audience.

Learn how to create compelling, captivating and engaging stories targeted to your audience. Stories that are both personal and interesting to hear. The power of storytelling – it reaches people on an emotional level. No one knows your story better than your employees. Imagine the impact you can create when you combine their knowledge with our skills. Get key staff members signed up for our corporate storytelling coaching today.

Effective presentation skills

Create trust and understanding through clear communication and high-profile speaking engagements.

Do you have an important speech coming up? At ELIZA Communication we teach you how to improve your leadership as well as communication skills. Our know-how will allow you to deliver powerful and relevant keynotes. Learn how to maximize the impact of your messages and how to organize and conceptualize your material efficiently. Our custom-made individual coaching sessions will allow you to maximize the impact of what you say and how you say it. Develop your existing presentation skills with our presentation model. Learn how to organize your material into clear and sharp messages. In this small-scale format, you get the chance to improve and practice your performance.

Come across on camera

Effective video presentation- & interview techniques that will make you radiate through the lens.

Are you meeting with media or preparing an interview for internal communication? We make sure your messages are sharp and clear so that you will win the trust and commitment of employees, investors and customers. We give you the techniques on how to deliver an effective and trustworthy interview or pitch on camera.