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Do you know what it takes to be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons? I do. What you say and how you say it makes all the difference. In the midst of a turbulent digital world, my heart longs for real communication, human to human.

To be able to present complexity in an easily digestible form is something that I regard as an art, as much as a skill.  It is a unique gift that, with practice, I have perfected, and I regards it as something that should not be kept hidden away, but shared for the benefit of everyone.

My unique specialty is to shorten and sharpen your message. I help you to create compelling communication that makes you stand out, no matter what the format: keynotes, TED talks, investor or sales pitches – together we can turn complexity into clarity and ensure that your message hits its target!

5000 presentations made
14 industries

Are you a start-up that is in desperate need of funding or increased sales?

Acquiring funding is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you have a complex product, market or business model. Adding to that, the stress and urgency of getting funded combined with the anxiety of presenting can be daunting!


Backing the next unicorn?

Powerful messages will not only secure future funding, but also increase sales as well as building up the start-up brand. At the same time, strong messages will build up your brand by being top in their class.


Need to be able to communicate with impact – clearly and with authority?

To be a thought leader today is not easy with expectations, stress and pressure from everyone. One way to relieve this is excellent communication, internally and externally.

Whether you are delivering a keynote speech, or a TED talk, you really need to smash it! The stakes are high and in these setups you really need to score!



In 2008 I got a new job. At the time I had no idea what I had got myself into. The new job was to present and pitch the Ericsson portfolio to CxO, royalties, ambassadors and investors from all around the world.

When I found out – I actually panicked! No-one, however, knew was that I had such stage freight that I couldn’t eat for 24 hours before delivering a presentation!

I played with the idea of resigning for about a week before deciding that life always provides different challenges and it is up to you how you chose to address them.

After a lot of practise, endless mistakes and a lot of learning, I eventually achieved a lot of success, and, most of all, a lot of fun – and what a ride it was! Over the next 5 years I delivered more than 5000 presentations and pitches.

Who would have thought that an engineer by heart actually had a secret passion for communication? Especially, the skills to communicate with impact.

In 2014 I founded ELIZA Communication in the hope that I could help others to communicate with more clarity, passion and impact.

Since then I have taught sales excellence for demonstration presenters at a wide range of international events, coached top executives and start-ups, focusing on their investor pitch, sales pitch, TED talk, keynote speech  and business development.


Clients and industries we serve

We are honored to have worked together with hundreds of fast-paced startups, innovative businesses and aspiring organizations across a variety of industries. Learn more



Our way of working derives from long experience and an insane attention to detail. We know how to deconstruct your message and convey it in the most compelling way. We are eager to really get to know you, because we know that will make the whole difference. When working with us, be prepared to show your full self. Like daring to be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons. We will use compelling stories and striking insights to develop authenticity and confidence in your messaging.


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Our hearts beat for real communication, human to human. We help you create compelling communication that makes you stand out.

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