Powerful communications is key to success

To successfully share your big vision or ideas, you need to communicate in a clear way. Even the best business plan will fail if you cannot communicate it. What you say and how you say it can make all the difference. You only have one chance to make a first impression – make sure it counts!

Communication is a skill that can be learned. It is like riding a bike. If you are willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve your sales and increase your brand awareness.

My unique specialty is in coaching innovative leaders for high-stakes speaking engagements. Together we create compelling communication that makes you shine, no matter what the format: keynotes, TED talks, investor or sales pitches. Learn how to communicate with impact!


Are you a start-up that is in desperate need of funding or increased sales?

As a start-up entrepreneur, you want others to believe in your idea instantly. You need to convince investors, customers or potential employees to commit their time and money to your idea, often without much track record of proof of concept.

Learn how to clarify your idea, create the perfect pitch and help your audience to make better decisions, faster.

Business leader

Are you an innovative leader that has to nail it when the stakes are high?

Whether it is a keynote speech, TED talk, panel or sales pitch, it is vital that you capture and retain attention!

Develop your strengths as a forceful communicator and learn how to engage and influence others in game-changing conversations.

Backing the next unicorn?

Are you a VC Accelerator backing the next unicorn?

Your success depends on the accomplishments of your most effective start-ups.

Powerful messages and the ability to communicate with impact can place your start-ups at the top of their class by securing further funding, increasing sales, representing your investment, building their brand and attracting new employees.


We’ve got the experience to make you succeed

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International pitch coach

“Empowering visionary start-ups and bold organisations from all around the world is my true passion”.

ELIZA Communication was founded in 2014 by Jenny Lindblad. I was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden; but I have lived in Switzerland, France and the US as well. I am an engineer at heart with a passion for communication.

Over the years, I have worked as senior advisor, pitch & business coach, start-up mentor and communication specialist at some of Europe’s foremost tech wonders.

I am often referred to as “The Pitch Queen” in the Swedish start-up world, as I am the pitch coach for dozens of accelerators and incubators in Europe. I am also a guest lecturer at Hyper Island and the Stockholm School of Economics as well as working with some global corporations such as Ericsson, Telia and Business Finland. Over the last couple of years, I have also had the privilege to coach TEDx speakers.

Since the beginning, I have coached more than 950 companies, representing 14 different industries, from Retail to MedTech to Artificial Intelligence.

She really understands who you are as a person and helps you adjust the pitch to your personality. I met Jenny during the course of the STING Accelerate program when she was my pitch coach for HappyTail as part of the program. Jenny also gives you very concrete tips that can be applied directly. I want to strongly recommend Jenny to anyone who is working on an important pitch or presentation, or if you don’t feel comfortable presenting yet – Jenny can give you great tools that will make you more confident on stage!

Maja Magnusson, COO & Co-founder Happytail
Jenny was a fantastic support to our executives
” We engaged the services of Jenny Lindblad to support with a Facebook live for a launch for Digital Services, Jenny was a fantastic support to our executives in terms of messaging, how to stand, project their voice and some more practical details on speaker coaching. I highly recommend her!

Treasa Dovander - Head of Social Media at Ericsson Digital Services
Invaluable. Short and simple.
Imagine a person who understands what you do instantly, where other people struggle. Imagine that that very same person can help you decrease the complexity of your message/pitch to a level where everyone can understand it and still retain the core.

Manuel de Verdier, CEO & Founder Brainville
Jenny is the best pitch coach I ever have come across, highly recommended by me!
Jan Lundblad, CEO Medicoo
The best presentation coach I’ve ever met – truly world class
”Being a former strategy consultant I thought I was pretty good at creating presentations. Until I met Jenny. She is the best presentation coach I’ve ever met, and her clear and precise input as well as her charming way of delivering it, is truly world class. Considering how much she can improve any pitch I’d say it would be the worst possible decision not to use her services.”

Johannes Kullberg – CEO & Founder at Paradiset.com
As we were about to launch our fundraise of SEK500m for our new VC-fund we hired Jenny to ensure high performance in all meetings
" As we were about to launch our fundraise of SEK500m for our new VC-fund we hired Jenny to ensure high performance in all meetings. She contributed with structure, new ideas and overall a much improved presentation. Working with Jenny has been a pleasure as she has challenged and inspired us. She provides an honest view improving overall performance from a 360 perspective. We already see great results in the meetings using our new meeting and pitch structure.”

Caroline Nylund - Partner & Investment Director at Zenith Group
It is not often you meet someone who is razor sharp and humble at the same time
"It is not often you meet someone who is razor sharp and humble at the same time. But Jenny really possess that rare quality! With great enthusiasm and a steady hand she helped our startups to perform greater pitches than they ever could imagine"

Karl-Erik Blohm – Kalmar Science Park
she challenged both us and our business model which improved our pitch substantially!
”I can highly recommend Jenny as a business and pitch coach. We worked closely with Jenny during our seed round for RaceID and she challenged both us and our business model which improved our pitch substantially! Jenny is highly skilled, motivated and responsive which makes her a great coach.”

Erik Sjöbeck – Founder & CEO at RaceId
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My way of working derives from long experience and an almost insane attention to detail. I know how to deconstruct your message, reassemble and convey it in the most compelling way.

I use captivating stories and striking insights to develop and instil authority, authenticity and confidence in your messages.

I am eager to really get to know you, because understanding the person behind the message truly makes the difference. It is in this moment that genuinely engaging communication is created.


Are you a start-up whose ideas are too good to go down the drain as a result of a less-than-perfect pitch?

Working with start-ups from all around the world I realised early on that there are some truly amazing ideas and teams out there, with tons of grit and passion. I also realised that many of them failed because they could not communicate clearly what they were doing, and those that could did so via a long and often confusing and complex tale. Therefore, I created The Perfect Pitch Academy.

The Perfect Pitch Academy will help you to acquire the right tools and skills to enable you to create a perfect pitch. It is not an online course, but a resource library that you can refer to again and again in order to keep your pitching skills sharp.

I have the experience, ability and passion to take you from “I do not know what to say” to “when can I pitch next?”.